Diversity in tech 2022: Explaining employee resource groups

In this video from Computer Weekly’s annual diversity event, in partnership with Nash Squared, panel members discuss employee resource groups (ERGs), what they are, why they are needed, and how to support them.

Many companies have employee-led internal groups focused around supporting diverse people, such as those from the LGBTQIA+ community, or those who are neurodiverse.

These groups can not only help members, but also help people take part in allyship to support those who may be from more diverse backgrounds – so what’s the best way to approach making these groups?

Panel members:

  • Kerensa Jennings, group director, data platforms, BT
  • Paul Yung, COO, Myndup
  • Marhsa Ramroop, founder, Unheard Voice Consultancy
  • Pernima Sen, chief people and compliance officer, Sparta Global
  • Lauren McKirdy, co-lead of the women in tech ERG, NatWest Group
  • Chloe Hole, head of EMEA Pride at Now ERG, ServiceNow

Some of the questions asked:

  • Who should be the driving force behind ERGs?
  • Are ERG members responsible for educating allies?
  • What is the benefit of having ERGs?
  • How can groups cater to people who intersect the target audience of several ERGs?
  • How can allies support ERGs and their members?
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