Diversity in tech 2022: Mehdi Mobayen-Rahni, Tyl by NatWest

In this video from Computer Weekly’s annual diversity event, in partnership with Nash Squared, Mehdi Mobayen-Rahni, chief technology officer of Tyl by NatWest, reflects on the progress of diversity and inclusion initiatives over the last few years, and how we can progress.

Though initially many tried to address the diversity and inclusion gap by tackling unconscious bias and “hiring the right people for the right job”, Mobayen-Rahni says this has not been “moving the dial fast enough”.

In addition to this, he claims, managers and businesses should also be proactively working to help diverse talent thrive, but admits this is easier said than done.

A thought from a McKinsey study he read that resonated with him surrounded equality being the assurance that everyone has the same opportunities to grow, and Mobayen-Rahni summarised we do this by working on equality, openness and belonging in the workplace.

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