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  • How many pilots operate the aircraft?

    Always two—a pilot and a co-pilot who are experienced in your specific aircraft. On select heavy jets during long range flights, we have a third pilot assigned to allow for in-flight crew rotation, which means you can go farther, faster and without layovers.

  • Can I bring my pet onboard?

    It varies from aircraft to aircraft. If you plan to carry your pet on board a charter flight, notify us ahead of time so we can be sure to book you on a jet that accommodates your furry loved one.

  • How far in advance do I need to book a jet for charter?

    With as little as 2 ½ hours notice, we can have you enroute to your destination. If your situation requires a faster departure, we will also work with you to get you enroute to your destination as quickly and as possible without compromising safety.

  • What can I expect when I fly charter?

    You can expect a luxurious experience. Million Air Dallas provides an unprecedented level of service, safety and privacy. Every detail is tailored to your comfort for a superior in-flight experience.

  • Are there any luggage or carry-on restrictions?

    There are limitations and restrictions on both the amount and size of luggage you bring as well as the types of items you may pack. The limitations of amounts and sizes of luggage are dependent upon the size of the baggage area of the aircraft you are chartering. If you plan to bring any oversized items, such as skis or snowboards, please be sure to advise your flight specialist in advance. Also, as a Part 135 operator and for your safety, we are held to the same TSA regulations for prohibited items for carry-on & checked baggage as the airlines. Please go to to view a comprehensive list of allowed & restricted items.

  • What in-flight meals or snacks are served on a private jet charter?

    For shorter-haul charter flights, all jets have a selection of premium snacks and refreshments. For long-haul charter flights, full meals are served according to your requests—we can even procure a several-course meal and a wine pairing to match your preferences.

  • Does Million Air Dallas provide concierge services?

    Yes, we are happy to make catering and ground transportation arrangements for you. We have an on-site caterer and luxury rental car agency and can set up these services at most destinations you’re traveling to as well.

  • How safe is it to fly charter?

    The private aviation industry adheres to the same safety standards as commercial aviation and is regulated by the same federal agency, the FAA. In addition, Million Air Dallas has developed our own safety standards to ensure every flight is consistent and dependable and arrives at its destination safely.

    We are ARG/US platinum rated and IS-BAO Stage III certified, and we are the recipient of the Certificate of Excellence “Diamond Award” by the FAA.

  • What is the cancellation policy?

    If canceled within 48 hours of departure, only 10 percent of the fee will be charged. Cancellations within 24 hours will be billed at 50 percent of the fee, and cancellations within 2 hours of departure or no-shows are billed at the full 100 percent fee. If a trip is rescheduled within these timeframes, the flight is considered canceled and the same cancellation policy applies.

  • What if the jet I need is unavailable?

    Over the years, Million Air Dallas has cultivated partnerships with a wide range of charter operators. Everyone in our network maintains an ARG/US gold or platinum safety rating. We'll work with charter operators in our network to find an aircraft that meets your exact travel needs.

  • Does every jet require a flight attendant?

    In-cabin service representatives/flight attendants are optional for light and midsize jets. For a safer experience, we require a cabin service representative/flight attendant for all charter flights utilizing a heavy jet.

  • What is “minimum use hours” and how is it billed?

    Minimum use hours are the downtime hours of the aircraft on a trip. Trips are quoted based on a 2-hour of use minimum per day and added into billable costs.

  • Does Million Air Dallas employee full-time pilots?

    Yes, each aircraft has two or more dedicated, qualified, full-time pilots. You will always see a familiar face when you fly on a specific aircraft. And you can rest easy knowing your crew is extensively knowledgeable and experienced with the particular aircraft you board.

  • What makes Million Air’s Aircraft Acquisition Program different?

    We truly get to know each of our clients to ensure the particular jet selected is the ideal choice for their lifestyle. If it takes weeks, months or even years, we'll find the right jet for you. Million Air Dallas' client partnership doesn't end at aircraft acquisition, we're here beyond the purchase to manage your aircraft day-to-day and often we see our acquisition clients standing in the lobby each morning.

    Our one-of-a-kind showroom allows you to see jets of every size and category in person. We will seat you directly inside the aircraft so you can experience your next jet firsthand.

  • Are any up-front costs or a retainer required?

    No. For 30 years we have maintained a "no financial obligation" policy. Our first priority is always to pair you with the right jet for your lifestyle. Whether the search for the ideal aircraft takes, weeks, months or years, we will never charge fees to a client until an aircraft transaction has been fully completed.

  • Do I need an Aircraft Acquisition Consultant?

    Yes, aircraft acquisition transactions and the aircraft itself can be exceptionally complex. With more than 30 years of experience, Million Air Dallas can guide you through every step of the pre-purchase process including, inspection and closing. We keep a historic record of every jet, its current location, and utilize our expertise in safety and industry to help you negotiate the purchase of your ideal aircraft.

  • Are there ways to reduce the cost of ownership?

    Yes, your partnership with Million Air Dallas allows you to take advantage of our Platinum-Rated FAA Charter Certificate. When you're not using your private jet, Million Air Dallas can market your aircraft for revenue-generating charter flights. Owners receive 85% of the net-profit from charter bookings and additional tax advantages in addition to access to the entire Million Air Dallas fleet.

  • Are there alternatives to jet ownership?

    Yes, as a part of the pre-purchase process we always review your needs first to help you determine if private jet ownership is right for you. Million Air Dallas provides you with a comprehensive comparison of every alternative, from charter and fractionals to commercial airline benefits. Many of our clients use a combination of these travel methods and we're happy to direct you toward the decision that makes the most sense for you.

  • Where are you located?

    We are located at Addison Airport (ADS) on the north end of the runway off Alpha. Our position gives pilots quick access to Runway 15.

  • What makes Million Air Dallas a preferred ADS FBO?

    From the moment you arrive on the ramp, you will receive unparalleled service. You gain immediate access to our Wi-Fi networks, upscale amenities and a superior level of handling and fuel for your aircraft.

  • How do I know the fuel is of quality grade?

    Because we take the quality control of our fuel seriously. Million Air Dallas partners with Avfuel Corporation, the leading general aviation fuel supplier, to ensure our fuel remains as pure as the day it was refined. We test at the point of origin, once it reaches our fuel farm and again as it is transferred to our mobile refuelers. Fuel is filtered during that transfer and filtered again as it is pumped into your aircraft. We check on our refueling trucks daily to ensure purity and if any water is detected, our fuel trucks will shut off automatically to prevent damage.

  • Is the service better?

    As the first to concept the idea of a luxury FBO and the first facility of the Million Air franchise, we continue to set the standard in service and training. We are committed to our service, and it shows.

  • Is the Million Air Dallas FBO ranked?

    Yes. Highly. And we have plenty of pilot’s choice awards to confirm our services are unmatched.

  • What can I expect from the Million Air Dallas FBO?

    You can expect to be treated like family. Warm smiles and prompt service await you along with luxury amenities that include a movie theater, gym and quiet lounges to relax in. FBO clients also have access to Mercedes-Benz crew cars.

  • Why do I need Million Air Dallas to manage my aircraft?

    We provide expert aircraft management services that allow you to fly your aircraft anytime, anywhere. Our management program is like having a personal flight department at your disposal. Our program includes: pilot employment and training, maintenance services, regulatory compliance, hangar storage, aircraft insurance, 24/7/365 flight scheduling, favorable fuel prices, your own private terminal, and concierge service such as chauffeured car services and personal security when requested.

  • What is the jet management free predicated on?

    • 24/7/365 scheduling and dispatching coverage
    • Flight crew management such as hiring, training, and payroll
    • Aircraft maintenance management
    • Account management and invoicing
    • Marketing you aircraft for charter opportunities and cost offset

  • Who employs and trains the pilots?

    All pilots are full-time employees of Million Air Dallas. Only the highest qualified pilots with extensive flight experience are selected to fly your aircraft. Once hired, all pilots are trained to rigorous “FAA Air Carrier Standards” for Part 135 operations conducted at a FAA approved Part 142 Training Center using state-of-the-art level D full motion simulators

  • How will be aircraft be maintained?

    All aircraft in the Million Air Dallas management program are maintained to FAR Part 135 Standards at our in-house maintenance facility by factory trained Million Air Dallas FAA licensed and certified maintenance technicians. We keep track of scheduled maintenance and handle all required recordkeeping when it comes to the maintenance of your aircraft.

  • Where is my aircraft stored?

    Your aircraft will be stored in a secure and heated hangar at all times when at Million Air Dallas. All aircraft handling including, towing in and out of the hangar, is accomplished by trained and qualified Million Air Dallas Line Service Technicians.

  • What if my aircraft is not available?

    Million Air Dallas manages a large fleet of aircraft, you will always have access to another jet in our fleet when your aircraft is experiencing mechanical or scheduled maintenance. Should one of our other managed aircraft not be available or is not suitable for your travel needs, we have a large network of approved charter aircraft vendors available to accommodate your travel needs.

  • How can I offset the cost of ownership?

    You can generate revenue to offset the cost of owning your aircraft by placing your aircraft in our aircraft charter program which is the largest program in the Dallas area. Million Air Dallas has a comprehensive marketing program that utilizes a professional advertising agency to market your aircraft for charter.

  • If I charter my jet, when will it be available for me to use?

    Before we book any charter trip on your aircraft we will first confirm that you will not require the aircraft for personal travel. Million Air Dallas will always coordinate charter flights with you first so that your travel schedule is never disrupted.

  • Are there any additional benefits?

    Placing your jet in our aircraft management program provides you with some purchasing power you are unable to get by managing the aircraft yourself. With our more than 30 years of business, impeccable safety record, fleet size, crew qualifications and training, Million Air Dallas is able to receive some of the lowest rates for aircraft insurance in the industry. In addition, Million Air Dallas is given favorable rates for pilot training and nationwide fuel prices.

  • How do I schedule a flight?

    Million Air Dallas, has one of the most experienced scheduling teams in the country. Our expert team of schedulers is available 24/7/365 to handle all aspects of your flight, from determining the best airport for your destination during flight planning to retaining required permits and setting up U.S. Customs when required. You can expect an elevated level of service when it comes to your catering and ground transportation needs. We do our best to ensure a safe, efficient and luxurious travel experience for every flight.

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